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Andrographis: Andrographis paniculata

When it comes giving the immune system a helping hand, nothing beats Andrographis. It provides a punch to hit through a stubborn cold or flu, by stimulating both innate and adaptive immune cells. Studies have shown that as small dose as 1200mg andrographis whole herb a day for two days can effectively reduce the occurrence… Continue reading Andrographis: Andrographis paniculata

herbal compendium, Medicine Chest

Turmeric: Curcuma longa

Turmeric has become one of the most ubiquitious herbal medicines, and it's no wonder why. Almost weekly there are new scientific studies being published about the benefits that turmeric and its active compounds can provide. Actions  Anti-atherogenic Anti-inflammatory (COX-1 inhibitor) Anti-microbial Anti-oxidant Anti-platelet Anti-spasmodic Choleretic Hepatoprotective Hypolipidaemic Consituents Curcuminoids: curcumin Profile Curcumin is predominantly used… Continue reading Turmeric: Curcuma longa