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omega 3s extra enjoyable in the spring

The spring weather was absolutely divine today. Finally sunny enough to get my legs and arms out and enjoy a lovely dose of Vitamin D. The warm weather is also an exciting time to mix up the menu, with seafood one of my favourites.

The consumption of ocean fish cannot be underestimated, an excellent sources of macro, fat soluble vitamins (A & D) and trace minerals (zinc and iodine). Our deep sea fish such as salmon are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Many of the world’s traditional diets heavily rely on fish. The Inuit traditional diet is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, made up of seal, oily fish and whale. In the mid-1970s, scientists found the Greenland Inuit had low levels of plasma cholesterol and triglycerides and relatively high levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) when compared with healthy Danish control subjects.

Omega-3 fatty acids tout an array of benefits including:

  • Healthy heart- by keeping our blood vessels healthy, preventing our blood from going ‘sticky’  & lowering our LDL cholesterol whilst increasing our HDL cholesterol
  • Keep us mentally sharp as DHA enhances nerve transmission to the brain. Not only in the development of the brain (in babies) but also lower the risk of age cognitive decline in the elderly
  • Lower inflammation in people suffering from asthma, arthritis, psoriasis and eczema

Now if you’re still not convinced that fish is a great addition to the weekly menu, below you will find some crowded pleasing dishes.


  • Seared salmon fillet, with a tamari & sesame dipping sauce
    1. Sear a 400g fillet of salmon on a hot fry pan (about 30 secs- 1 min on each side)
    2. Thinly slice
    3. Serve with a sesame and tamari dipping sauce
  • BBQ garlic & chilli prawn skewers
    1. Peel and wash 1kg (about 24 prawns) of green prawns
    2. Marinate prawns in olive oil, crushed garlic, chilli and lime rind for about 30min (covered in fridge)
    3. Thread prawns on skewers (4 per skewer)
    4. Cook on BBQ until prawns change colour


  • Baked snapper fillets with broccoli & bok choy, topped with a garlic, tamari, chilli, and sesame marinade
    1. Line baking dish with baking paper (long enough to wrap around entire dish)
    2. Wash and trim 2 bunches of broccolini and 3 bunches of bok choy, place in bottom of baking dish
    3. Place 6 fillets of snapper on top of vegetables
    4. Whisk tamari, chilli, garlic and sesame oil in jug and pour over top of fish and veg. Add lemon slices
    5. Enclose dish with baking paper
    6. Bake in oven (200 degrees celcius) for approx 15-20 minutes, or until fish is cooked

N.B In addition to dietary sources, some conditions which may benefit from omega-3s require a high therapeutic dose and therefore  supplementation may be considered. Consult your natural health practitioner for qualified, individualised advice.

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