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hashtag mealforameal. australian’s throw away $8 billion annually

We are loving the #mealforameal initiative by Virgin Mobile Australia. It combines Australia’s passion for sharing food pics with philanthropic motives. Virgin tapped into the trend of food posting and in conjunction with OzHarvest pledged to feed a person in need when the meal was tagged with #mealforameal.

Australian’s throw out a massive $8 billion worth of food each year! A whole heap of waste when there are 2 million people relying on food relief. 


Wasting food is one of our pet peeves. One of the most important messages taken away from this campaign is the need to reduce the amount of food wastage.

Simple ideas to reduce food waste in your home:

  • Check, plan and list. Check what is in your pantry and fridge, write a list (with a meal plan in mind). If putting together a meal plan sounds too tough, check out HelloFresh. A clever little online mob who come up with recipes and deliver the exact ingredients to your home. Way to make life that little bit easier…
  • Don’t forget your leftovers!
  • Keep your fridge happy and healthy. Review the use-by-date and prioritise their use to prevent unnecessary waste
  • Preserve your food! There are various ways to preserve food. Why not check out fermentation blog

About Oz Harvest

An Australian charity rescues excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it free of charge to 500 charities across Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Newcastle.

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