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making exercise easier & your muscles happy on a chilly morning

The thought of getting up early on a chilly work week morning to exercise is definitely not our idea fun. However, we do admit, that once we have gone for that run, we are always pumped with endorphins and ready to face the day like a boss.  So Em & I signed up for the annual City2Surf, to give us that extra motivation to get us moving throughout the cooler months.

With 8 weeks to go (thank you Sun Herald for the weekly reminder… yes that is panic in my voice), we have entered our 3rd week of consecutive running. And we are pleased to say it hasn’t been too much of a struggle, it’s actually something we look forward to.

During our last run, we chatted about a fitness tracker, those funky wristbands that track how many steps you have done.  I’ve got to say they are a great motivation tool to get you off your backside, and go beyond simply utilising them for tracking exercise. People are tracking their steps in their everyday life.  With recent evidence revealing that prolonged periods of sitting is associated with poorer health outcomes, incidental exercise (such as walking up the stairs instead of the lift or chatting on the phone whilst walking around) is crucial for grasping the benefits exercise has to offer.

Some tips to get you moving in the cooler months, to help time pass quickly.

  • A running partner who happens to be a good friend (tick, tick)
  • Naturally, there’s lots of chit chat (when our heavy breathing doesn’t make us incomprehensible
  • A fitness tracker
  • Some amazing scenery


Morning run...
Morning run…


AND to keep your muscles happy: 


  • Stretch, and consider the foam roller. This sounds a little scary  (the pain associated with tight muscles beng rolled), however rolling out your quads can help release tight muscles to increase movement.
  • M is for movement and for MAGNESIUM. Adequate magnesium levels are required at neuromuscular junctions to permit muscles to relax. Dietary sources include legumes, wholegrain cereals, nuts, green leafy vegetables and cacao, or supplementation is a convenient way to obtain a therapeutic dose. Chose a Magnesium supplement which provides at least 300mg elemental magnesium in a gentle form (like amino acid chelate) (plus other nutrient cofactors)
Oh dear, here comes the incline
Oh dear, here comes the incline…



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