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mandarins, lemons & limes etc…. what is in season?

As the weather becomes cooler, it is exciting to see our citrus tree fruits growing. For us, citrus is a subtle reminder of summer and the balmy evenings sipping on freshly squeezed juices (or a cheeky cocktail). Interestingly, the common association between citrus fruit and summer is not quite correct, with many of these fruits thriving in the cooler months.

When we struggle to reach our daily intake of fruits and veg (2 & 5 respectively), it’s great to be reminded which fruits are in season and available.

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The winter months are peak season for navel oranges, mandarins and lemons. We agree, and have also seen an abundance of limes, likely attributable to the unseasonably warm weather at late.

Mandarins and oranges are a easy and convenient snack, however incorporating limes into our everyday repertoire isn’t that easy.  While they are amazingly refreshing in a glass of water or squeezed into a summer beverage, in the cooler weather we’d prefer to utilise them in our baking. For something to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out Wellness Pods Signature lime & coconut cake here.


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